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Now updated, version 2.0 is here. It brings new weapons, new upgrades and new mechanics.

Dive deeper into the cave, collecting gems as you go. Use the recoil of your gun to control your descent, and buy upgrades after each level. Each section is randomly generated, making each dive unique. How far can you go in this rogue-like platforming descent?


  • Randomly generated levels, including enemy placement, obstacles and layout
  • Support for split-screen, local two player co-op
  • Controlled with a keyboard or a gamepad
  • Three upgrades that can be bought at the end of each level
  • 8 different weapons, each with unique properties
  • Randomized colors for players and crystals
  • Progressive difficulty, adding new enemies with each level
  • Chaotic, skill-based action
  • Play normal mode or rush mode for a 3 minute challenge
  • High scores tables for each mode
  • Pointless crouch animation


Note that in order to play 2 player mode, at least 1 controller is required.


Left/Right- Move

Z- Jump

X- Shoot (In air, shoots down to jump again)

Game Controller (XBox controller recommended)

Left Stick- Move

A- Jump

X- Shoot (In air, shoots down to jump again)


The game itself is free, though your contributions will allow me to make more games. If The Long Way Down gets enough support, additional updates in the future with more weapons, modes and other features will be possible.

Version 2.0

The game has been updated with new features and bug fixes!Just download the new file and replace the old .exe. Patch notes:

  • 2 new weapons!
    • The Rocket Launcher was something I wanted in the game from the start. Shoots one powerful shot, doing more damage than anything else in the game, with a higher area of impact to boot!
    • Don't feel like aiming? The Homing weapon might be for you. It shares a lot of properties with the machine gun, but does less damage. This is offset by having each bullet seek the nearest target. Spray and pray!
  • New level chunks!
  • New upgrades!
    • At the end of each level, there is a chance to see new upgrades. 
    • The orbiter spins around you to do damage to nearby enemies. Buy more to extend their radius.
    • Speed shoes increase your movement speed, which may work for or against you.
    • Explosive Bullets make all weapons (except for the lazer and boomerang) do explosive area damage.
  • Playing 2 Player mode but died? Why wait until the next level? If your teammate touches you, you'll respawn instantly. Cooperation is now more important than ever!
  • Clicked on 2 Player mode, but changed your mind? Press escape or wait 10 seconds to back out.
  • Small and insignificant bug fixes here and there!

Check out more: https://www.facebook.com/GamesByJacob


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Like the game! Plays well and is pretty fun. Sadly don't have anyone to play the 2 player with.